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For information regarding our products and services, please contact any of our members from the alphabetical listing below:

Member Location Phone Email
Jim D. Barnes Oklahoma City 405-813-2513
Ken Bonds Oklahoma City 405-228-4942
Robert Boyd Tulsa 918-382-9250
Loralann Brennan Oklahoma City 405-239-9000
Craig Cunningham Dallas 972-818-8059
Michael G. De Leon Dallas 972-818-2881
Larry Edzards Oklahoma City 405-813-2524
Lesa Huff Oklahoma City 405-813-2518
Ruth Smith Jackson Irving 281-292-9346

David Lambert Irving

Mark LaRue Irving 214-687-0870

James B. Lisle Oklahoma City 405-536-9128
Randall W. Nelson Tulsa 918-382-9250
Michael Noel Irving 214-687-088

Steve Perry Dallas 972-733-1646
Joyce Sanders Oklahoma City 405-228-4946
Stephen Terrell Irving 214-687-0889

Jack Thompson Oklahoma City 405-239-9000
Sheila Visconti Tulsa 918-382-9250

Dwight VonFeldt Oklahoma City 405-228-4107
Mark VonFeldt Oklahoma City 405-228-4923
Edward F. Wells Oklahoma City 405-228-4105
Steve Young Irving 214-687-0872


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